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We are here to find the best solution of marketing strategy for you, to achieve your business principles and values, to establish prospective – forthcoming platform in a competitive market and to empower you to pursuit and accomplish your ambitious goals.


What our clients say

We put big value in opportunity for an involvement in growth of different trademarks and businesses. We provide our services not on based samples, we delve deeply into every setting-up individually and try to improve our ideas and conceivable solutions.

Many thanks to Aiva for the fast and high-quality Facebook advertising service. We have been working for a couple of months already, and already from the first month of cooperation, we managed to achieve the set goals perfectly! Thanks to GoAdver!

Karolis Sabeckas
Facebook Ads

GoAdver has been managing the paid advertising of the sports club Intero GYM on social networks for a year now. We are very satisfied with the quality of the services provided. We worked well together, discussed about our needs and expectations. And everything worked out perfectly! Investment paid off tenfold. ideal proportion between quality and costs. We recommend them to our colleagues already.

Meda Balnienė
Facebook Ads

My page https://tenderones.lt/, worked out together with the web designer and Martynas. I consider, it is very aesthetic and user friendly. Martynas is concrete and fast, he will find the best possible solution, I recommend him!

Greta Prikockaitė
Website creation

Thank you very much! I really like the result of the page and I really enjoyed the whole work process; it was easy to work with you! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who will need.

Monika Šmigelskienė
Website creation

Martynas quickly and efficiently created a portfolio website https://nomountain.tv/. He delved into the requirements on speed. Before to start, he clearly explained what he would be able to do and where he’ll try to find a solution in order to complete a request. Easy to contact, quick respond, done in time, the designer’s ideas were carried out perfectly.

Tadas Ponas
Website creation

Was choosing from a lot of website developers and my choice was very right. Everything was done 10/10 + the implement of new ideas exceeds all my expectations. The effort to go the extra mile in some situations, friendly and excellent communication and customer support, all together, go really close to European standards service. Everything was done in time 🙂. Surely recommend!!!

Audrius Kindurys
Website creation

We have been working with Aiva on several different brand advertising projects for some time now, and I am totally happy to have the opportunity to work with an extremely professional, responsible specialist. I really admire Aiva’s desire to be concerned, attentive analyst, to have thoughtful proposals and to achieve maximum results. Thank you!

Kristina Dambrauskienė
Facebook ads

How we working

An introductory call

The essential first step of creating a well-designed Strategy-to-Accomplisment process is to formulate your business needs, challenges and expectations. We are to discuss, how we could contribute our knowledge and experience to the growth of your business.


After, we find out about your particular goals and aspirations, you receive a questionnaire in order we could analyze properly the current situation of your business and to propose the structure for further communication.


We are orientated into long-term collaboration and high-reaching results. An engagement contract, concerning costs, respective responsibilities, terms and conditions for both parties, will be issued for assignment, if our presented strategic business plan is acceptable for you and confirmed.


Our experience shows, that the most successful achievements of our projects are, when both sides of engagement contract keep on excellent line of terms and conditions. We want to assure you that you‘ll get periodically an effective dissemination of information from us and you‘ll have easy access to our team players in case you would like to clarify something.


It depends on various factors: scope of work; project size; vision of customer from his viewpoint, requests, expectations; which type and quantity of Digital Marketing tools we are to use. The charges are calculated individually, thoughtfully and reasonably, especially concerning graphical design and website projects. Promotions and social network service charges start from 300 Euros a month.

All the clients are meaningful for us. We do not segregate by size or business type-direction neither. We accomplish the Ecommerce projects as well as the projects for businesses, providing services.

All the businesses are different by nature and expansion phases. The Marketing objective’s – product, price, place, and promotion and, while advertising is the most common way of marketing, it also involves consumer research, product design, as well as other aspects.
We cannot foresee exact time or date, but, by our experience, our clients always face positive impact on business.

We highly recommend an assignment for minimum three months, as we use to generate analytic measurements of positive or negative impacts on business and determine either the marketing strategy is correct or we need to figure out additional options. But, please, note, that you are free to terminate an agreement by giving 10 days’ notice at any time.

Our proactive and innovative approach encourages us to look at your business from an expanded perspective, to adjust modern Marketing tools and to create the right strategy for your business goals.
– We not telling “Fairy tales” and not promising impossible, unrealistic things.
– We take a responsible approach to cooperation and easily solve the problems that arise.
– We meet the deadlines easily and we pursue the goal to the end.
– We analyze, evaluate and adapt Artificial Intelligence tools, enabling to make economy of time and to perform more value-added tasks.
– Market dynamics are the factors that change the supply and demand curves. Our team periodically participates in coaching and mentoring seminars to refresh in understanding of market needs.
We strongly believe that our business card is our proficient projects and public assessments from our already existing clients.

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