Our goal is to improve your website’s position in search results pages of the Google search engine based on the most common user queries, to increase visibility and ultimately organic search traffic to websites.

We increase organic search traffic

SEO services can seem like an intangible product that lives in the mysterious space of internet search ranking algorithms. But every day, as many as 3.5 billion searches are performed on the Google platform alone. Of course, the competition in the fast-moving market is huge, so it is extremely important to be visible. Visibility is acquired through the implementation and application of a solid and targeted SEO strategy, which will allow your website to rank highly and generate organic traffic with high conversion potential. The advantage of SEO is that once you invest in optimization, you will no longer need to spend a large amount of money every time to get organic user traffic.

What you can suppose from us:

  •  Promotion into the TOP 10 position of search engines
  • Consultation and clarification of your needs and goals
  • A detailed audit of existing website status and condition
  • Planning of internal and external SEO strategy
  • Research of Keywords from the point of queries and competition
  • Competitor analysis
  • Text/content preparation
  • Content optimization
  • External optimization (links collection)
  • SEO maintenance (weekly, monthly, quarterly tasks that range from updating content to fixing broken site links).
  • Configuring Search Console data in Analytics

Price: from 250 euros

The process of working together

Project audit and strategy

We start always with the analysis of your project and creation of an individual SEO strategy. The audit includes: full examination how your website works, competitors analysis (their strengths, weaknesses, products, and marketing), detection of what’s affecting your search rankings and which keywords could be suitable for your business. And, finally, the SEO expert creates a strategy that will give you chance to achieve the most effective results-oriented.




The most imperative, the steps, based on a pre-established strategy, are on stage to be carried out. Errors are corrected, technical and internal SEO is arranged, so that the website meets search engine standards.

Project administration

You can‘t sit back after completion of internal SEO process. It‘s often, competitors react to our performed optimization actions, so continuous monitoring and analysis of results is highly recommended. It is important to monitor them and, if necessary, prepare countermeasures that will put competitors behind us.



Project expansion

Based on experience in our practice, both internal and external SEO must be performed comprehensively. If you want the maximum result and it‘s still possible to find relevant tools, it is very important to increase the authority of the domain by means of acquiring backlinks from authoritative, related thematic sources.

SEO services:

SEO audit – we can identify all technical website errors, discover keywords relevant to your business and find out where your website is in Google search. All these aspects are very important for planning SEO strategy for further.

Internal SEO – it‘s a process of ability to ensure optimization purposefully for all the content of your website (text, photos, video or audio recordings and other elements).

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively (to help improve organic rankings). This is the process of ensuring that the website meets the technical requirements and that there are no problems during browsing and indexing.

External SEO – process that includes external interventions to the website. Thanks to these interventions, the website becomes easier to spot in scans, to improve search engine and user perception of your website’s popularity, credibility and authority.

Other services

Website Creation

We use the WordPress Content Management System to create uniquely designed, results-oriented and converting websites

Graphic design

We help to create an exclusive, memorable and unique image of your business in the Internet space

Facebook Ads

We launch and supervise your paid posts in order to control how effectively you reach the target audience, increase sales and generate inquiries from potential customers

Social media

We prepare social media communication strategies that help to attract the attention of the target audience and create a representative image effectively

Google Ads

We help to reach your business’s target audience without any intrusiveness and only when the user himself enters a query into the Google search system


Our purpose is to settle the organic visibility of your website on the first page of the Google search engine based on the most common user queries