A lot of people search for products/services on Google every day. Be on the first position and don’t lose this advantaged contrary of competitors.

Reach your target audience without any obtrusion

About 98% of Internet users consider the Google search system as their main search engine, so it is natural that a high ranking position of Google website is a necessary business task for effective reach your potential customers. Thanks to Google advertising, you can easily reach your target audience not by “blind” offer of products/services to all Google users, but by targeted advertising campaigns only to those who enter a query in the Google search system. Therefore, in order to reach a large audience and potential customers, you need to use effectively your budget for advertising campaigns. Advertising on the Google search system is an excellent choice for both – medium-sized and small businesses.

What you can suppose from us:

  • Google Ads profile configuration, implementation of conversion tracking, linking with other Google programs
  • Preparation of Google Analytics for work, configuration of Tag manager for tracking events
  • Website audit and proposals as needed
  • Advertising strategy
  • Advertising layouts, texts
  • Testing and identification of audiences and advertising types
  • Creation, optimization, updating of advertising campaigns
  • Remarketing
  • Daily maintenance
  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Regular communication and comprehensive support in terms of agreement

Price: from 300 euros

Why should you invest in Google advertising platforms?

One of the most significant advantages of Google Ads is the ability to target specific audiences. For example, you can choose who sees your ads based on location, age, gender, and interests. You can reach a potential audience not only on the Google search engine itself, but on Google partner sites such as YouTube or Gmail as well.

Google advertising is very precise, you are able to narrow down the audience of potential customers based on many different criteria such as age, location, gender and interests. Thus, This level of targeting ensures that your ads are only shown to people most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Google Ads gives you control over how you spend your money. You are able to plan your budget. There’s no minimum. And you can choose how much you spend per month, per day, and per ad. You’ll only pay when someone clicks your ad.

You are able to monitor the results achieved by the ad in real time. So if the results do not correspond to your expectations, you stopping easily or modifying the launched advertising campaign.

Other services

Website Creation

We use the WordPress Content Management System to create uniquely designed, results-oriented and converting websites

Graphic design

We help to create an exclusive, memorable and unique image of your business in the Internet space

Facebook Ads

We launch and supervise your paid posts in order to control how effectively you reach the target audience, increase sales and generate inquiries from potential customers

Social media

We prepare social media communication strategies that help to attract the attention of the target audience and create a representative image effectively

Google Ads

We help to reach your business’s target audience without any intrusiveness and only when the user himself enters a query into the Google search system


Our purpose is to settle the organic visibility of your website on the first page of the Google search engine based on the most common user queries